Welcome to Vital Bloom Botanicals!

Hi! My name is Ricky and I live in Durham, NC. Vital Bloom Botanicals was brought to life because of my desire to provide holistic plant-based healthcare to my community, family and friends.

Herbalism is not solely about working with plants, but it is a lens with which to view and interact with the world, and our personal selves, on a deeper level. It is one method of care in a holistic system. I blend physical/mental/emotional/spiritual care into my personal philosophy of healing and bring an analysis of the damaging effects of our culture (racism, classism, homophobia, environmental degradation, etc.) as a major factor that impacts the general health and wellbeing of humans. Our bodies are amazing in their ability to communicate and signal its needs.  It is my job to help you read those signals and understand what your body is telling you so that together, we can restore wellness and maintain balance for you overall.

As a community herbalist I am committed to a sense of place through my connections to various communities. I value creating connections through educational events, friendships, and exploration together.

What I love most though, is how beautifully open and available plants make themselves for us to know and wonder about. I hope to share with you those things I have already learned from such wonderful teachers as well as things I will surely discover along the journey toward a more holistic practice of my own health and wellness.

Vital Bloom Botanicals offers hand-made herbal goodies, workshops and plant walks, and clinical consultations.

Please feel free to contact me at: vitalbloombotanicals@gmail.com


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